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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Letter from father to son

“Incidentally, I would like to say that I would not like to be a Jew in Germany.” This is how Hermann Goring, the second in command to the Fuhrer ended his speech. That was in November 1938, and it was the beginning of the end of the Jewish swine that had infected our Motherland. Together, the Fuhrer and Goring had set into motion the machine, that would bring us the Final Solution, and today, nearing the end of 1942, we are closer to it than ever before. And I am grateful and proud, that my being a soldier in the Third Reich has given me the opportunity to contribute.

Soon, very soon, the Judes will be wiped out from the face of Europe. Very soon, they will get their due. Already, our armies are in France, and time is not far, that they shall march into London as well. Rest assured, my son, that the White House shall have the Nazi flag over it by the time the war is over. Time is not far, when we Aryans shall claim our rightful place in the world. For too long our great race has suffered at the hands of the inferior pests but no more. The Great Fuhrer has brought us to this stage.

But it was not always the same. There were many, who for their vested interests wanted to stop us from realizing our potential. After the first War, the British and the French tried to crush us, so that we could never get back up. But those perpetrators were not the only ones. Worst of all, we were betrayed by the people among us. The so-called rulers sold us out to gain popularity in the eyes of evil foreigners. Then there were the communists. But the worst of them were the most evil ones, the Jews.

They all have now been taken care of. And the worst evil has got the treatment it deserves. Having crushed the communists and other traitors to the nation, the Party has now turned its attention to the cleansing of the nation. Already, the camps at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek and Sobibor are working at full efficiency. Just last week, a report on purging of 600,000 more inmates at Balzac came in. This takes the count to almost a million now. The rest will soon be liquidated. We are becoming increasingly efficient at it, now that we have perfected the art.

Now that you are of the right age my son, it is time that you too should play your part. It is every father’s dream that his son contributes towards the Goal. It is your duty to serve the Motherland. Although I am sure that you have the same passion for it but as a parent it is my duty to remind you of it. That aside, how is your mother? Tell her that I love her. And how is your little sister doing? Tell the little angel that I miss her sweet smile. When I come back from the front, I shall bring her the pink dress she wanted. I must leave now. Take care. God Bless You. Heil Hitler!

Disclaimer: The Views expressed by the protoganist are NOT the views of the author. Please note that though the character writing the diary is completely fictional, the people, places and events mentioned here are real and authentic. The passage is the actual reflection of the mindset of the people under the Third Reich. Personally, I do not approve of or condone the Holocaust or the people responsible for it. The passage is not meant to be an expression of my views on the subject. Also note that though the Nazis never made public, the ‘Goal’, thousands of Germans were involved in it and it was common knowledge among most of the people.


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