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Thursday, May 29, 2008

And now for something completely different...

So, for a change, I will depart from my usual dark, obscure, reference loaded stories and, on popular demand, talk a bit about personal finance. Its easy, really. And its also fun once you get it up and running.

Let me get a few things straight first...

0. Personal finance is about getting rich... eventually.
1. Personal finance != being stingy. [Thats a "not equals" for non programmers (VB people included).]
2. Personal finance means having money to spend on
3. Personal finance isnt just about money.
4. I'm not that big a jerk.
5. Seriously.

I will post a series of articles, which will cover:

*Setting up the infrastructure.
*Saving, Spending and Investing.
*Getting Things Done.

These articles are not sermons, but infact simple stepwise exercises which will help you achieve the goals of that article. I suggest sitting down with paper and a pen.

If you do it right, at the end of the series, you would have:

*Set up a finetuned infrastructure which will save you time money and effort month after month.
*A better (maybe complete?) understanding of your wallet.
*Established a strategy to tackle your debts and/or mangage your investments.
*Bootstrapped a sustainable productivity system [Whats That?]
*A warm fuzzy feeling.

Everything you will read has been handpicked, filtered and refined from articles written by people who know what they are talking about. I know these things work, either from personal experiences or from seeing them in action.

[NOTE: I will be updating this post soon with links to the articles.]

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