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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Guy

Life is cruel, the times are bad
Its not just a duel, a battle lies ahead.

Outnumbered, Outmanouvered, Outgunned, Outcast
Assault after assault till you break down at last.

Power wealth reason and looks
You are in none of their good books.

Harmless voiceless clueless guileless
You realize youre in one big mess.

For others you have fought battles countless
But in your own fight you realize youre aideless.

Pushed too far, gotta make a stand
Cant really do that with these bare hands.

Grab that drive, its your spear, get those memories, theyre your shield.
Need you blades of will right here, gotta hack your way across the field.

Quiet determination your battle cry
Cant bog you down hard as they may try.

But the truth is this, and dont ask why
Theres no reward for being a Good Guy.